Culti Milano Diffuser Supreme Amber Decor
Culti Milano Diffuser Supreme Amber Decor

Culti Milano

Culti Milano Diffuser Supreme Amber Decor

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Elegance & Fragrance Redefined

Dive into an exquisite world of aromatic indulgence with the Culti Milano Diffuser Supreme Amber Decor. This home diffuser is not merely an olfactory delight but also a statement piece of decor that elevates the elegance of any room it graces.

Olfactory Profile:
Belonging to the luxurious ORIENTAL family, its fragrance is a sophisticated blend that draws you in. Enigmatic notes of smoky incense meld seamlessly with the exotic hints of chino. The sultry richness of black vanilla forms a gentle backdrop, while patchouli rounds off this blend with its deep, woody undertone. Every breath is an intimate journey through aromatic opulence.

Design and Craftsmanship:
The DECORE diffuser is a marriage of artistry and functionality. Encased in a thick, sculpted, square-shaped glass bottle, its weight and clarity speak of its premium quality. Crowning this bottle is a brown maple wood cap, further enhancing its luxurious appeal. With its bold and distinct features, this bottle does more than just hold a fragrance; it adds a rich, tactile touch to any room.

Duration and Usage Tips:
The allure of the Supreme Amber Decor can last between 4 to 6 months, but this largely depends on where and how it's positioned. External factors such as room size, exposure to light, proximity to heat sources, and the frequency of air currents can affect the evaporation rate of the fragrance. For an enduring experience, place the diffuser away from direct light and heat. The intensity of the scent can be controlled by how often the rattan reeds are flipped.

Safety First:
Crafted with aromatic oils that contain alcohol, this diffuser is highly flammable. Please exercise caution and keep it away from any heat sources. Also, for the safety of your loved ones, ensure the diffuser remains out of reach for children and pets.

A testimony to impeccable craftsmanship and timeless design, the Culti Milano Diffuser Supreme Amber Decor is proudly made in Italy, promising unmatched quality and elegance.