Culti Milano Candle (Esperide)
Culti Milano Candle (Esperide)

Culti Milano

Culti Milano Candle (Esperide)

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Indulge in the elegant presence of the Culti Milano Esperide Candle, a luxurious accessory designed to enhance any room with a soft, dreamlike atmosphere. Crafted in Italy with the utmost attention to detail, this sophisticated candle offers a world of aromatic pleasure.

Fragrance Profile:
The fragrances of cassis, tangerine, and grapefruit blend together harmoniously in a dance of scented light. Cassis provides a rich, sweet note, while tangerine adds a fresh citrus touch. Grapefruit imparts a tangy zest, completing a scent that is both refreshing and calming. This unique combination of notes creates an inviting ambiance that entices and pleases the senses.

Design & Craftsmanship:
Encased in an elegant glass container, this 270-gram candle stands at a height of 3.74 inches with a diameter of 3.5 inches. Its minimalist design and high-quality materials showcase the Italian craftsmanship that is synonymous with the Culti Milano brand.

Burning Experience:
The candle offers an impressive burn time of approximately 70 hours, providing a lasting fragrant presence. The clean and consistent burn ensures that the fragrance permeates the room without overwhelming, creating a tranquil environment.

Ideal for Various Settings:
Whether placed in a living room, bedroom, bathroom, or office, the Culti Milano Esperide Candle adds a touch of luxury and charm. It's an ideal choice for those moments of relaxation, special occasions, or simply adding a refined touch to daily life.

Made in Italy:
Manufactured with precision and passion in Italy, this candle reflects the country's rich heritage in artisanal excellence. The use of premium ingredients ensures a product of the highest quality, embodying the essence of Italian luxury.

Gift Option:
Presented in a beautifully designed box, this candle also serves as a thoughtful gift. Its exquisite fragrance and superior craftsmanship make it a perfect present for birthdays, anniversaries, or any celebration.

Usage Instructions:
For best results, trim the wick to 1/4 inch before each use, and allow the candle to burn for at least 2 hours during the initial use. This will help in even melting and enhance the fragrance distribution.

Caring for the Environment:
Culti Milano takes pride in adhering to environmentally friendly practices. The Esperide Candle is made with sustainable materials, and the packaging is recyclable, reflecting a commitment to environmental stewardship.