Culti Milano Candle (Noblesse Absolue)
Culti Milano Candle (Noblesse Absolue)

Culti Milano

Culti Milano Candle (Noblesse Absolue)

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Indulge your senses in the opulent allure of Culti Milano's 'Noblesse Absolue' candle. Elegantly crafted in Italy, this premium scented candle captivates with its enchanting spicy aroma that effortlessly evokes the grandeur of nature. Let yourself be transported to a serene forest, where the crisp scent of pine trees blends seamlessly with the rich, earthy undertones of Alaskan cedar wood. As the fragrance envelops your space, a delicate hint of star anise adds a touch of mystique, making every moment truly special.


Weight: 270 grams.
Height: 3.74 inches.
Diameter: 3.5 inches.
Burn Duration: Approximately 70 hours.
Origin: Expertly handcrafted and poured in Italy.
Key Features:

High-Quality Ingredients: Made using the finest fragrance oils to ensure a consistent and long-lasting aroma.

Elegant Design: The sophisticated aesthetics of the candle make it an exquisite addition to any space, enhancing both the decor and ambiance.

Long Burn Time: With an impressive burn time of approximately 70 hours, this candle ensures you enjoy its captivating fragrance for extended periods.

Perfect Gift Choice: Encased in a beautifully designed packaging, this candle is an ideal gift for loved ones on special occasions or just to treat yourself.
Ignite the Culti Milano Noblesse Absolue candle, and let its mesmerizing fragrance infuse your surroundings with warmth, luxury, and sophistication.